Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wordless Wednesday - Almost

BlogPaws reminder to register
Don't forget to register for BlogPaws 2017 Conference

BlogPaws 2017 Information

Check out exciting news about the Cat Lounge this year.  There are the familiar coloring table, the new cat products, the Cat Writers' Association book signing, and some amazing new features!
Cat Lounge 2016 collage
Cat Lounge 2016 - Photos courtesy BlogPaws® and Sweet Purrfections


  1. Looks like both of you are looking forward to the conference...

  2. Oh boy and I thought last year was a magic Cat Lounge!!

  3. My human and I are so bummed we will be missing the Cat Lounge this year!

  4. That Cat Lounge is going to be awesome, for sure!

  5. I hear the cat lounge is going to be pawtastic! I hope you both get to go with Mom Paula!!!


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